Martin Philllips and John McGuire

My artists are lighting/set designer Martin Phillips and Catalyst/LED technician John McGuire. The duo has designed three major traveling sets for three different high powered artists, including: Daft Punk (Pyramid), Kanye West (Glow in the Dark Tour), and Deadmau5 (The Cube).

The Pyramid was unveiled at Coachella Music Festival 2006, and was used on their 2007 Alive Tour as well. The Pyramid consisted of four large LED screens, as well as LED “webbing” around it with different lights, as well as a full stage LED behind everything else to create contrasting effects that was meant to take performance art to a new level in electronic music. This was the first step towards having a actual act, rather than just relying on the festivals visualizers to accompany a set.

Kanye West was next for the duo in creating his Glow in the Dark Tour stage. His stage had no central object theme in order to allow him free range to move around the stage, but did contain several large LED platforms for him to stand on, as well as four different LED screens hanging from the back of the stage. The “wow” factor however was when any individual in the performance suddenly started to “glow in the dark” with the use of what can be described as “LED String.” The string illuminates and shows different shapes/instruments being played, as well as Kanye lighting up and stealing the show

Finally, their work with Joel Zimmerman (aka Deadmau5), has brought their work to a new level. They combined their work with the previous two artists to create a new design, incorporating large LED pannels, LED string, custom lighting, and of course deadmau5 himself. The stage comes to life over the course of the performance, starting with simple designs and his mask not even lit up, to finally at the end the entire stage going off in different strobes, his mask going insane, and everyone begging for one more song. The center of the entire act is the cube in which deadmau5 performs from, which hosts all the materials for his set as well as a back up mask.

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